Önkéntesek Veszprémben- Fabio élménye

My name is Fabio Bruschi. I am a 24 years old student at Sapienza university in Rome. I’m attending the course of Anthropology, History and Religion. I was  born and grew up in Civitavecchia, the port of Rome.

I’m open-minded, friendly and curious. I love reading, going to the cinema and meeting other people, in this way and thanks to my study I feed my curiosity and empathy knowing different realities and cultures.
I love doing sports or tracking in nature, cooking and gardening.

I’ve always had the will to leave my country, my family and my friends: my confort.    I was thinking about an experience like that, a chance to grow up and improve my skills as a person and as an anthropologist. Spending a long period far from home with other culture is foundamental in ethnological work and it is a great oportunity to challenge yourself.
In the last year the will become a need. It was in this period that I’ve known Doris. I’ve met her during my training at the CEMEA recreational centre; She is sloven and she was in Italy for one year to join the CEMEA centre as a volunteer.
She told me about the EVS, ESC and erasmus + oportunities.

 It was incredible for me!
Someone, the UE, give you the oportunity to stay in a foreign country working with guys from other european state. They pay the travel cost, room and board, and give you some money to spend as you wish!
I was not aware they did it, but they do it!
It’s crazy that no-one except for Doris, casually,told me about a great chance like that!
That kind of project, as I saw, was perfect for me! It don’t take so much time as universitarian erasmus project – there is shorter project of two weeks as in Youth Exchange, or project of two months during the summer for example (from wich I’m writing) –, it don’t  take so much money as a common summer school.
It is perfect for my wish and my need, but noone told me about that. I’m sure lots of people are in the same situation: they want but they can’t because they don’t know it.
I hope more and more people will know about a great experience like that.
I hope that sharing my experience can help someone to know more about the program!


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